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ABOUT V.O. Concept

The VELUM OREFICE CONCEPT journey began in 1985.

Several years of research, experience and passion have honed the design, technical and fitting team’s skills to meet the needs of the events market.

Years have been spent designing and establishing a unique temporary decor concept using M1 and M2 fireproof Lycra®-Jersey vellum.

VO CONCEPT Lycra Decor and covers on beach sur plage
V.O. Concept: decoration in Lycra vellum or tensile Lycra. Stretchable textile material for the events market 

Our  M1 and M2 jersey Lycra vellum are available as waterproof/fireproof Lycra tents and marquees.


A stretchable textile material  uniting design and practicality. Whether it be blackout or openwork, M1 and M2 fireproof or waterproof, le Lycra® vellum is the perfect partner for your signage and indoor/outdoor projects.

Our Lycra® vellum is tailor-made to suit your requirements and the technical restrictions dictated by your location to create :

VO CONCEPT Lycra Decor

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